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Doc is one of our newer fosters.  He is a 9-ish year old boy who recently had a dental and he was neutered, too. He’s doing great and he is now available for adoption.  :) 

To date, we've determined that he's great with children (respectful children, of course), and he seems to get along with other dogs, both male and female, large and small.  He also has some separation anxiety and gets vocal when his person is out of sight so a retired person or someone who works from home would be best for him.  He also loves to sleep up on his person's bed and he's a great little snoozing buddy.  He seems to be crate trained, but he can be quite vocal when he’s crated so minimizing his crate time would be advisable. He has displayed some anxiety during storms, too, so his adopter should be prepared for that.  

Update August 2020:

After a tangle with a bush at his foster mom's home, Doc ended up with injuries to both of his eyes.  He visited three different vets and a veterinary ophthalmologist to get him assessed, and after two weeks of intensive inpatient care, Doc was released.  His eyes had healed, he maintained vision in both eyes, and he didn't require the painful surgeries that were initially recommended.  Unfortunately, one of his injured eyes left him with limited vision on one side and when a visiting dog that Doc was not familiar with approached him on his impaired side, it caused a spat and the eye was re-injured.  

This time, sadly, the eye was not repairable and had to be removed.  Thankfully, Doc is a relatively spry, healthy guy and he bounced back from his surgery very quickly and he's adapting to his "permanent wink" really well.  

We are giving Doc a little extra time to fully recover and adapt to being a one-eyed dog.  He's getting lots of love and cuddle time with the kiddos in his foster home and he will be ready for adoption in early September. 

***Please note that Doc is the Austin, Texas area. ABTRR does not fly dogs via cargo and we no longer utilize paid ground transport services so if you're interested in adopting Doc, you will have to drive to the Austin area to pick him up.  He is too tall/large to fly in-cabin under an airplane seat.  

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