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Finnigan (Diaper Dog)- Adoption Pending

***Available For Adoption*** Local to DFW Metroplex Only***

Finn came into our program at around 10 weeks of age. His family had an accidental litter of puppies and they couldn’t find a home that could meet his special needs. 
Finn was born with a form of spina bifida called sacral agenesis. This means he was born without his sacrum. The sacral area is the control center for bowel and bladder control. Little Finn physically can’t control his bowels or bladder so he has to wear a diaper.  
Finn is pretty good about his diaper but sometimes he protests and removes the one that covers his rear end. He loves to run around naked!
Finn receives weekly chiropractic adjustments to help keep him as aligned as possible while he’s still growing to help avoid any neurological issues in the future that a misalignment can cause.  It also manages any pain he has from missing an important part of his back. 
Given he is missing a pelvic stabilizing bone, his back end can be wobbly when he stands on his back legs. This does not slow him down ONE bit!  He is FAST and can turn on a dime. 


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