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Marlee (Permanent Foster)

If you have questions specifically about Marlee, please email us at 

While we do have a phone number, we have a very small volunteer base and we are often unable to return phone calls in a timely manner. Thank you!

If you would like to donate towards Marlee's monthly care, please send your donation to:

Paypal: @abtrtx or
Venmo: @Heidi-Murphy-68
Ca$hApp: $   beandogmom
​Snail Mail: ABTRR, PO Box 1286, Little Elm, TX 75068


**Update 3.19.18**

Marlee was spayed, she has gained some weight, and she's ready for her forever home. Miss Marlee loves to snuggle with her person and she absolutely adores bedtime belly rubs. 

Given her history, it's not surprising that she's an intense resource guarder and her guarding behavior extends not only to food, but to anything she feels is of high value - treats, bones/hooves/chews, toys, and her crate.  On the flipside, she has been sharing her dog bed, which is in the family room, with several other dogs without incident for the past year.  We've implemented some simple and effective rules that help her with her resource guarding and keep everyone safe, and we'll be happy to teach any interested applicants how to help manage her behavior. 

Marlee would do best as an only dog, or in a home with a very laid-back male who doesn't feel the need to be nosy around her crate, and who won't infringe upon her space during mealtime. 

If you would like to support Marlee click here

**Update 3.7.17**

As you might recall, Marlee is a small bully breed mix from the Caddo Parish shelter in Shreveport, LA.  We were contacted to help her as a last resort.  You see, Marlee was extremely emaciated and pregnant, and she was due to be killed later that same day.  Upon seeing her sweet, sad face and deplorable condition, we sprung to action.  Her eyes spoke to us and we knew we had to help. 

The day after we got her, we confirmed with a sonogram that Marlee was indeed pregnant – only a couple weeks along - with 5-6 pups.  Because of her incredibly emaciated state, it was determined that she was not healthy enough to safely undergo surgery so she was put on a nutritionally dense feeding plan to help her gain weight, and a number of nutritional supplements were added to her diet to give her pups the best possible chance at survival. 

Initially, she began to gain weight at the pups appeared to be growing, too.  Marlee’s little pregnant belly was growing, and she was filling out nicely.  Not long after, her belly stopped growing.  Apparently nature had other plans for sweet Marlee, and being a momma dog was not in the cards this time.  Given the state she was in when we got her, the odds weren’t in the babies’ favor so we weren’t too surprised by the outcome. 

Fast forward a few more weeks and Miss Marlee is just as sweet, happy and healthy as she can be.  She will be spayed soon and then she will be available for adoption.  She is a bit larger than a Boston at about 33 lbs, but she’s got all the silly sweetness of a BT – plus a wonderful tail that wags almost constantly!  She’s extremely obedient and she wants nothing more than to please you.  She loves to go for walks, runs, and car rides, and she adores chewing cow hooves, but more than anything else, she loves belly rubs and attention.  She also gives great hugs!

If you’re interested in a young, sweet dog who will be completely devoted to you, and you're in the DFW (TX) area, Marlee might just be your soulmate. 


**Vet HOLD** Pregnant**

**Update 1.27.17**

Sweet Marlee is eating us out of house and home.  Her little pregnant belly is growing daily.  In 3 weeks, we will take her back to our veterinarian team to stay until she delivers her puppies.  She will be hospitalized with them for approximately two weeks.  The reason she will be there for two weeks prior to delivery is because we aren't completely sure of her due date and the fact that she is so emaciated, we want to ensure she goes through the delivery process with  professsionals  on hand to assist her should complications arise.  Her puppies, if born alive, may require immediate medical attention given their compromised beginning with lack of nutrition.  

We can use all the support we can get to help us provide the medical care Marlee and her Miracles will need. 


Update 1.22.17

Today we drove 3 hours south to All Creatures Every Spine in Meridian, TX to our veterinary chiropractic team. Marlee was evaluated and is estimated to be around a year old

. She's very young. Her neck was way out of alignment and this was corrected. We suspected that she might be pregnant. X-rays were done last week while at the vet and they didn't show anything. For puppies to show up on an X-Ray they have to be at least 36-40 days gestation before their spines will be visible by X-ray. Dr. O and Dr. Amy performed a sonogram and confirmed her pregnancy. The Vets discussed with us the healthiest and safest route for Marlee in regards to keeping her puppies or terminating her pregnancy. The Vets recommendation was to let her go through with the pregnancy as her body at this time could not handle a major surgery. Our job as Marlee's caregivers is to make the best possible medical decisions for her as we can based on her current health and what we know at this time.

All of this care and nutrition is not cheap! We are only able to provide this level care with your support. If you would like to donate to Marlee's care please send your PayPal donation to or you can mail your donation to ABTRR PO Box 1286, Little Elm, TX 75068. We are a 501c3 and your donation is tax deductible. 


**Introducing Marlee**1.12.17

We were notified of a female Boxer mix in the Caddo Parish Animal Shelter who appears to be pregnant. None of the Boxer Rescues were able to take her and she was scheduled to be killed today. Our Board of Directors were absolutely heartbroken when we saw the photos and the condition that this girl is in. She had been at the shelter one week and she looks horrific. She did not get this way overnight or in a weeks time but she was in a kennel with other dogs where they only get one bowl of food one time a day for all dogs in the kennel. The likelihood that she got all the nutrition that she needed for herself and the pups she is carrying, is very slim to none. We could not leave her there to die. So we made the decision to rescue her.

We would like you to meet Marlee. She is our honorary Boston Terrier. She was picked up today by a rescue partner in Shreveport and immediately taken to the vet for care. She will be transported to Dallas next weekend once she is stable enough to travel.

If she is pregnant, there is a high chance her puppies won’t survive given her current condition. Her body can’t support them. This can pose many health complications for her and her babies. So we are preparing ourselves for her complex medical needs.

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